Virtual Assistants (Administrative)

Outsource your administrative tasks to a local firm of specialists

Virtual Administrative Services.

Compilation, editing and proofing of official correspondence and other documents.
Phone reception, email monitoring and communication management.
Social Media Management
Social media marketing, audience engagement and promoting website traffic.
Detailed and soft business research, with organization of data and reporting.
Event and appointment scheduling with reminders, updates and calendar management.
Documents (Forms)
Document/form creation, editing, conversion, processing and organization.
Data Entry
Data entry, data manipulation, reporting and spreadsheet management.
Verbatim and edited transcriptions from audio and video to text.
Management of standard desktop and cloud-based office applications/software.
Proposals & Presentations
Preparation of business proposals and creation of PowerPoint presentations.
HR Assistance
Assistance with on-boarding paperwork and HR documentation (standard and custom).
Accounting, bookkeeping and tracking of internal metrics.
Customized Services
Customized administrative tasks. We provide a wide range of industry specific administrative services.