Virtual Assistance


Genie Concierge Company's unique approach to virtual administration/virtual assistance merges the familiar features of working locally with the cost-saving efficiency of virtual help. Watch the video below to see how we do this.

Every business has those necessary but non-core administrative tasks that need to be performed in order for the core process or processes to run smoothly. It's a pain; we know that, so we're here for you. Our virtual administrative services are designed to take those admin issues tasks off your hands. But's that's not even the best part: Our virtual administrative services will cut your payroll costs by as much as 33%, save you the aggravation of hiring, firing, training and retraining administrative staff, and help you save on required office space as well.

Working from our League City office suites right here in Texas, our virtual administrative staff handle clerical and administrative office duties, offering clients the services of a full office staff at a small fraction of the overhead and other associated costs. At the paces of their respective businesses, our clients can outsource the duties of a workforce, 1 to 10 strong, to the reliable hands of our trained clerks and administrators. This helps clients avoid pesky overhead costs, complex HR compliance issues, employee risk and reliability concerns, etc. Some of our administrative services include:

  1. Writing (compilation, editing and proofing)
  2. Email monitoring and communication management
  3. Business research and reporting
  4. Scheduling and calendar management
  5. Document processing and organization
  6. Data conversion/digitization (volume dependent)
  7. Office applications/software
  8. Presentations
  9. Proposal consultation
  10. Provision of furnished offices and conference rooms for important meetings
  11. Customized administrative tasks