Content Management


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions include software and process enhancements. Our approach is to first define our clients' document/content management needs before creating the most effective and efficient solution for that specific need. Watch the video below to see how we do this.

ECM refers to the methods and technologies by which an organization’s data, information, documents and other content can be captured/received, managed, stored, preserved, shared and delivered. The idea of an ECM system is to enhance the efficiency of a company’s workflow with regards to document handling and management. ECM technology allows you to control the way all information in a company (or enterprise) is dealt with no matter where the information or the user is located. The following are the primary advantages of using ECM solutions.

  1. Reduction of operating costs
  2. Enhanced content security
  3. Increased document organization
  4. Enhanced version control
  5. Fast and accurate document processing
  6. Reduction in workflow bottlenecks